Which chat site is better for dating

As I said in my other articles in this site, webcam chat is a good way to know someone totally out of your normal social circle and meet someone new. This greatly increase your chance both on mingling with different ethnic group, location and social status, and also one step closer to finding your next partner.

Webcam chat online is not new. It’s been around for more than 15 years. In fact, some first generation, big old sites like ifriends has bloomed and now dead already. So, what shall we look for when choosing a webcam chat site? Here are a few tips from my experience.

  1. Categories of ladies online – first thing, check the category section of the site. What can be better if the site already has a section for people who are looking for marriage or relationship? If there is none of that, try a hobby or interest group, having the same hobby or interest will be a good start for friendship.
  2. Free or trial membership – while you should respect the money, effort and investment a cam chat site has put into, it’s for your own benefit to find the right one before you pay your share to contribute to the site. Therefore, it is wise to find a website that has free membership, then pay for extra features later, or upgrade to proper membership later. Or have a short trial period membership which you may try out all the features that the site can provide. There are far too many web cam chat sites out there. You can’t pay for every single one to just to try.
  3. Check out the Who-is-online page – take a quick look of the site’s who is online page. Check out the thumbnails of the other members, especially if the site provides adult sexy chat. You may notice that some people may have similar or even identical background in their room. These may be professional ladies who work for a studio as a job. These ladies are less likely to be interested in making friends, let alone long-term relationship with you. They are there to do a pay job, so don’t waste your time on those. Flirt4free is known to have more professional models while sites like Stripchat or MFC have more indies (independent girls).

I never said it’s going to be easy. But choosing the right site will save you time and effort to find “the one”.