10 Must Know Webcamming Etiquette

With today’s advanced technology, people do not have to break a sweat getting a stunning partner to have bed fun with. Thanks to webcam, now you can have your
sexual fantasies fulfilled anonymously at the comfort of your house.

As you look forward to that webcam chat, keep in mind the following webcamming etiquette for you to be amiable:


You got no money? Then keep your requests to yourself. The webcam models are paid for a certain routine whenever online. If you want to be entertained by your own rules, then you got to pull out some cash. Well, simple requests that are in line with the routine can be honored, just not extreme requests. You should be grateful for the free show. Otherwise, nothing good comes for free. Webcam models make money from clients who are willing to pay them for an extra spiced up show. If you are willing to be one of them, then pay to get that extra attention.

2. Know the model’s limits

You might be lucky to come across a webcam model who is kinkier than anyone
you have met before. However, do not assume that she is willing to do the nastiest things for you. Some models have limits, and it would be good if you knew them to avoid irritating her. Know the things that she is not into. If she is not comfortable doing anything, just let her be. Do not pressure her to do any weird stuff beyond her limits. Do not create a negative environment for the both of you by insisting on her “inserting stuff” if she is not into that kind of thing. Always remember to keep the environment-friendly by making her feel safe in your presence. Webcam models too need their respect.

3. Avoid mentioning other sites

Regardless of how a show ends up, avoid harassing a webcam model by comparing her to someone else. A free show could bore you at some point since the model will not expose all her game to a client who is not adding a single coin to her pockets. However, suggesting other “better” sites is the rudest thing you can ever do. All these unappreciated acts will discourage the model since she will feel compared to other people. The best thing to do if bored is to log out. No one has glued you to that
particular site; you can log out any time at your pleasure. Go look for the “better” sites and models without announcing.

4.How to find the model’s personal information

As a client, when planning to have a chat online, you should know that webcam models are not escorts. This means that besides seeing them on your screen during the show, you cannot see her in person unless she is really fond of you. Why is that? Webcam model work and get paid from their homes. The agencies they work for ensure their safety and security by keeping them anonymous. You can ask as much as you want but no live cam model will tell her personal information such as real name or her home address to you until you really show your sincerity and trustworthy .

5.Be respectful

Do not treat your model with any disrespect. That live cam model could be someone of a higher social class than you. Just because some is doing some webcamming does not make them a nobody in the society. Not every model is after the money. Some do it as a
passion. For example, it could be someone from a wealthy family doing it just because she loves entertaining people with her body. It does not matter if the model is doing it for the money or not, treat them with respect. It could be the challenges she is going through in life that made her settle for webcamming to raise some quick, easy money. The level of respect you show your webcam girl, is the same she will reciprocate. You
could earn yourself an entertaining extra show just by being nice.

6.Be generous with your money

If your webcam girl wowed you, it would be only nice to show how much you enjoyed the show by tipping her. Just like strippers like being tipped, so does live cam models. Other than paying for an extra private show, some web services will allow you to give a
tip to the models as a token of appreciation. However, do not expect to deposit
the money directly in her bank account. That would mess with her anonymity. You
will buy credits or tokens that will be converted to cash later and deposited in her bank account, just not by you. Tipping a model motivates her to pull a better show for you. Models are not stupid; they know the members that are good at tipping and those that do not tip at all.

7.Private shows

Do not bother a model who is in a public show with your demand for her attention. When in a public show, a model is the only way to get her to be all your is by paying for an exclusive session with her. This way she will be all yours, and thus you can get all the one-on-one attention. During private shows, webcam models can get all kinky
and even do role playing with you.

8.Be flattery

Webcam models appreciate compliments. It might not be exactly how you feel but flirt with her to make her feel motivated. Tell her how badly she is turning you on. This
will help break the webcam monotony and also make her feel like she is on the right path to making you happy.

9.Be calm no matter what happens

Do not overreact after a model stops the show unannounced. Things might not be okay on her side. It could be she has had a long day, verbal abuse or even bad internet connection. Just accept the turnout of things and carry on.

10.Be thankful

Just before you log off after a nice show, remember to say “thank you” to your webcam model. Showing gratitude to your model will leave her convinced that she did a good job in you got satisfied. Also, if you reached your climax during the session, let her know or at least signal her.