How to attract a woman who is older than you

Now if you are smitten by a woman who is older than you (also called “cougars”) then you are not alone. In fact, many guys actually admit getting attracted to women who are more experienced than them. It makes sense, really. We all want to be with women who know what they are doing!

Now if “cougar seduction” is your cup of tea then you will find a couple of techniques on dating and seducing older women that you will find useful here. Read on to discover how to attract older women and get them to fall in love with you quickly and easily…

How To Attract A Woman Who Is Older Than You – Seduction Tricks You Must Know

  • Learn fractionation. Fractionation is a seduction technique based on hypnosis and persuasion which is reputed to be able to make women fall in love in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Master the art of female psychology and persuasion.Remember that all seduction tactics are based on psychology, and to a certain extent, hypnosis. If you know psychology then seduction will be second nature to you.
  • Practice! There is no point just reading blogs and ebooks without practicing what you learn in the real world. You won’t know how to seduce a woman simply by reading love, dating and relationship blogs without approaching a woman in real life.

By following the techniques above you will be a true casanova who will attract legions of females into your arms. Now get to work!

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  1. Hi! Reading through this reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talkinging about this. I will share this with him. Pretty sure he will enjoy it.

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